How To Properly Care For Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction

Capital District Team | 05/22/2021

Are you getting a tooth pulled? Our oral surgeons and specialists can offer helpful information about surgical tooth extraction recovery in Albany.


Are You At Risk for Dry Sockets After Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

Capital District Team | 05/13/2021

There is a minor possibility of getting a dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction. We can help prevent and treat dry sockets at our advanced clinic.


A Guide on What To Expect After Getting Dental Implants

Capital District Team | 05/06/2021

What happens after dental implant recovery? An experienced professional can review implant recovery guidelines and instructions during a consultation.


How Can Sedation Dentistry Help Dental Anxiety?

Capital District Team | 04/27/2021

Dental fear and anxiety can prevent you from getting the treatment you need. Discover our safe and effective options for sedation dentistry today.


Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted?

Capital District Team | 04/21/2021

An impacted wisdom tooth can be painful and harmful to your smile. Learn about wisdom tooth extraction and how this process improves your oral health.


Are Dental Implants A Reliable Solution for Missing Teeth?

Capital District Team | 04/14/2021

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution for patients with a gap in their smile. Learn about replacing missing teeth with implants at our clinic.


Surgically Clean Air

Capital District Team | 09/11/2020

We’re pleased to announce this exclusive agreement with Surgically Clean Air


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