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When a tooth is removed, it leaves behind an empty socket or a hole where the tooth roots were located. A socket preservation procedure (or ridge preservation) can help preserve the health and appearance of the gum and bone tissue in this area following a tooth extraction. Offering additional benefits, this procedure can preserve the extraction site for a future dental implant and help maintain the natural contours of your jaw after tooth loss. Socket grafts at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are usually performed immediately following tooth extractions and involve the addition of bone grafting material to fill in the empty socket. This filling material can then help to stimulate the regrowth of new, natural, solid bone in the area. If you need to have a tooth removed, schedule a visit with board-certified oral surgery specialists Drs. Stephen DeMarco, Diego Miron, Timothy Adams, or Luis Delgado at our Albany, NY practice to learn more about preserving the health and structure of your jaw with a socket graft procedure.

Best Candidates

The jawbone has a natural tendency to deteriorate after a tooth is lost, which can lead to several complications for your oral health. Socket preservation may be an ideal solution if you require the extraction of a permanent tooth, especially if you are considering a dental implant to replace your extracted tooth. Implants need strong, healthy bone tissue in order to effectively replace missing teeth. Ridge preservation can help stave off the jawbone loss that often takes place after a tooth is removed and can prevent the need for an additional bone graft in the future. Before performing a tooth extraction at our Albany, NY practice, our skilled oral surgeons will talk with you about your oral health needs and goals and help you decide if a socket graft is right for you.

What to Expect

Socket preservation procedures at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are generally performed under local anesthesia. During your consultation, our team can discuss sedation dentistry options to help increase your comfort if needed. After your tooth is carefully extracted, we will begin the ridge preservation process by filling in the empty socket with bone grafting material. A biocompatible barrier mesh and sutures might then be placed to protect the area as it recovers. As your jaw heals, the material will encourage the regeneration of bone tissue in the area and fuse with the existing bone structure. This can provide a solid foundation and support for your jaw and your future dental implant. In some instances, a tooth extraction, socket preservation, and dental implant placement may all take place within the same visit.

Yesterday, I went to have a tooth extracted by Dr. DeMarco. The procedure only took about 20 minutes and everything went well. When it was over I was given printed and detailed instructions for the next few days. Also included was extra gauze and a quick acting ice bag. I followed all the home care instructions and had no problems at all. I would highly recommend his services.

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Over the years, I have needed extensive oral surgery. Dr. DeMarco has been the best surgeon I’ve had and I would highly recommend him. His office and surgical staff are great. Very professional and attentive.

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excellent dr, excellent staff, no wait.

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Dr Marcos was very kind and attentive to our special circumstances.

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The professional staff including prescribers and surgeons, as well as nurses and medical/dental technicians are extremely competent, caring, and very courteous. The same holds true for the front desk staff as well as the administrative staff.

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Specific recovery instructions will be provided by our team once your socket graft procedure is complete. You may feel some minor tenderness or swelling in the area that can often be managed with nonprescription pain relievers. We encourage you to get in touch with our Albany, NY team right away if you have lasting discomfort or believe the area may be infected. We may schedule a follow-up appointment at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons so that our oral surgeons can assess your recovery process or determine when your jaw is ready to receive a dental implant.

Insurance Coverage

Ridge preservation may be covered in part by your dental insurer. Before the day of your procedure, our financial staff will contact your insurance company to determine if any out-of-pocket costs are to be expected. To help make your socket graft procedure easier to afford, Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons accepts a variety of easy payment options, including low-interest financing.

Socket Preservation

When a tooth extraction becomes necessary, it is often important to fortify the jaw and area in the bone where the tooth roots once occupied. Socket preservation at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons adds bone grafting material to the jaw immediately following tooth removal, preserving the structure for a future implant and maintaining the shape of the dental arch. For more on ridge preservation after a tooth extraction, contact our office in Albany, NY to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled oral surgeons.

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