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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery in Albany, NY

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Oral prosthetics, such as full and partial dentures, are a common solution for replacing missing teeth. But since these appliances rest on the bony ridge of the dental arch, they can be challenging to wear if the underlying jawbone tissue is rough, uneven, or has deteriorated. Pre-prosthetic surgery is a procedure performed by our board-certified oral surgeons in Albany, NY to reshape the upper or lower bony ridge or smooth uneven areas following tooth extractions. This treatment prepares the mouth for a denture fitting and placement and serves to improve the comfort, fit, and function of denture appliances. To learn more about the benefit of pre-prosthetic surgery before receiving dentures, please contact Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons to schedule a consultation with Drs. Stephen DeMarco, Diego Miron, Timothy Adams, and Luis Delgado.

Best Candidates

Patients all throughout the Albany, NY area who are considering dentures for tooth replacement are often referred to our oral and maxillofacial surgeons for pre-prosthetic surgery. If there is an abnormal shape to the gum tissues, underlying bone, or jaw, denture prosthetics may fit loosely or feel uncomfortable to wear. As a denture preparatory procedure, pre-prosthetic surgery may be performed to:

  • Rebuild areas of bone loss
  • Remove overgrown gum tissue
  • Excise excess bone tissue (tori or exostoses)
  • Smooth rough or uneven areas of bone
  • Reshape the bony arch
  • Extract impacted teeth
  • Lower muscle attachments in your lips and cheeks to create space (vestibuloplasty)

What to Expect

Pre-prosthetic surgery at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons will vary according to your individual needs. Our team will evaluate your jaw and take advanced 3D images of your mouth to assist in the treatment planning and procedure stages. Sedation dentistry and anesthesia options will be discussed ahead of time to help ensure you remain relaxed and comfortable when in our care. The treatment process may include bone and gum reduction, bone grafting techniques, tooth extractions, or other minor oral surgery procedures. If necessary, sutures may be placed to protect the areas as they heal.


Aftercare instructions on how to care for your mouth and jaw during the recovery process will be provided by our team once your pre-prosthetic surgery is complete. Prescription or over-the-counter medications may be recommended to manage any tenderness or swelling as your mouth heals. A follow-up visit with our Albany, NY oral surgeons may be scheduled so that we can assess your healing progress. We will then coordinate with you and your referring dentist as to when you can move forward with the denture process.

Insurance Coverage

A portion of certain pre-prosthetic surgery procedures may be covered under some dental insurance plans. Before beginning your treatment, a member of our administrative team will review your individual plan and estimate any potential uncovered expenses. At Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, we accept a selection of flexible payment options, including CareCredit®, to help make your care affordable and convenient.

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

If you are contemplating dentures to replace missing or severely damaged teeth, your dentist may recommend pre-prosthetic surgery to help improve how your appliances fit, feel, and function. We work closely with referring dentists and other specialists in the Albany, NY area to provide high-quality surgical solutions customized for your needs. Contact Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons to schedule a pre-prosthetic surgery consultation and learn about your treatment options.

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