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While digital oral x-rays are able to capture two-dimensional pictures of your teeth, 3D oral imaging can provide a 360-degree, extremely detailed view of your oral structures. 3D imaging, including cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and CT scanning, helps board-certified oral surgeons Drs. Stephen DeMarco, Diego Miron, Timothy Adams, and Luis Delgado evaluate the entire extent of oral health issues or damage in the jaw, teeth, sinus cavities, nerves, airways, and other structures. It is an innovative technology that offers a high-resolution visualization of each individual's overall oral health and an important tool we use when planning for tooth extractions, implant placements, and other surgical procedures. In addition to helping us assess possible dental health issues occurring below the gums or within the jaw, 3D CT scans and CBCT imaging allow our Albany, NY team to treat patients with even greater accuracy and efficiency for positive oral health outcomes. 3D oral imaging at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons also permits our experts to thoroughly assist Albany, NY patients in making educated, informed decisions pertaining to their dental treatments.

Best Candidates

3D imaging can be used to diagnose a wide number of dental problems for patients of any age. For children, it provides the opportunity to monitor changes and developments in dental and facial growth and identify complications early on. Cone beam and CT scans can also be utilized throughout treatments to determine whether teeth are aligning and shifting as planned and when planning treatment time for wisdom tooth extractions. Adults considering dental implants for tooth replacement, individuals having cysts or tumors in the bone, or those who need corrective jaw surgery can benefit from 3D imaging technology as this approach increases precision in treatment planning, as well as clinical results.

What to Expect

Like dental x-rays, CT scanning and CBCT imaging is generally a part of your standard dental examination when visiting Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons for care. The actual procedures are very comfortable and are similar to having a panoramic x-ray taken. When undergoing 3D imaging, our state-of-the-art scanner will rotate 360-degrees around your head, capturing extremely detailed images of your face, jaw, and head as it moves. The entire process takes only about 20 – 40 seconds to render a complete whole-mouth view. The images are then uploaded to your patient chart and stored on our computer. Our team will review the images with you and point out any areas of concern or indications of dental conditions that may require treatment. Since the CT scanning and cone beam imaging processes do use a low amount of radiation, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to let us know beforehand.

Yesterday, I went to have a tooth extracted by Dr. DeMarco. The procedure only took about 20 minutes and everything went well. When it was over I was given printed and detailed instructions for the next few days. Also included was extra gauze and a quick acting ice bag. I followed all the home care instructions and had no problems at all. I would highly recommend his services.

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Over the years, I have needed extensive oral surgery. Dr. DeMarco has been the best surgeon I’ve had and I would highly recommend him. His office and surgical staff are great. Very professional and attentive.

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excellent dr, excellent staff, no wait.

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Dr Marcos was very kind and attentive to our special circumstances.

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The professional staff including prescribers and surgeons, as well as nurses and medical/dental technicians are extremely competent, caring, and very courteous. The same holds true for the front desk staff as well as the administrative staff.

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There generally are no follow-up recommendations following CBCT or CT scans as the technologies offer a safe and very comfortable diagnostic process. Depending on your needs, 3D imaging may take place during your consultation and throughout your care to access your treatment and monitor any oral health conditions. Our team can give you an idea of when you might need a follow-up 3D imaging scan during your consultation.

Insurance Coverage

As diagnostic services, 3D CT scans and CBCT imaging is often covered by dental insurance plans. Our billing staff will get in touch with your insurance company and inform you whether there are any out-of-pocket fees that are not covered by your benefits. In the event that you do not carry insurance or have personal expenses for your care, our surgical center accepts multiple forms of payment, including third-party flexible financing with CareCredit®.

3D Oral Imaging

CBCT and CT scans are advanced diagnostic methods we utilize with great success to discover and treat problems that occur in the teeth, mouth, jaw, and face. 3D oral imaging is often incorporated into minor and complex dental procedures to help simplify the treatment process, deliver accurate outcomes, and reduce the danger of complications. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of 3D oral imaging, contact Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Albany, NY today.

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