Corrective Jaw Surgery in Albany, NY

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Occasionally, traditional orthodontics (metal braces and removable aligners) alone cannot treat complex cases, which may involve bite misalignment, deformities of the mouth or jaw, and extreme malocclusion (such as an overbite). One or a combination of these issues can cause the chin to protrude or the jaw to become off-set, causing both aesthetic concerns and functional issues. Board-certified oral surgeons Drs. Stephen DeMarco, Diego Miron, Timothy Adams, and Luis Delgado are highly experienced at performing corrective jaw surgery (also referred to as orthognathic or simple jaw surgery) to improve these issues and restore your health, function, and wellness. During this procedure at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, the cartilage, bone, and tissues around the chin might be reshaped, manipulated, and/or augmented so the teeth and jaw are correctly aligned. To find out more about jaw surgery or other advanced procedures, schedule an appointment with our surgical team in Albany, NY.

Best Candidates

Corrective jaw surgery may be ideal for a number of patients to treat a range of conditions. In some cases, this type of procedure may be paired with orthodontics to allow for normal jaw function or recommended in cases that cannot be successfully treated with braces. Our highly specialized team of surgeons can evaluate your jaw positioning, functional needs, and facial profile to determine if you may benefit from orthognathic surgery. We can also collaborate with your orthodontist to achieve the best possible results for your health. You may be a candidate if you experience one or more of the following:

  • Difficulty with biting or chewing
  • Trouble with swallowing or speaking
  • Protrusion or retraction of the jaw
  • Sleep disorders (sleep apnea)
  • Chronic facial or jaw pain
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) 
  • Severely misaligned bite (overbite or underbite)
  • Crooked jaw or underdeveloped chin

What to Expect

To help create your treatment plan, we will conduct a comprehensive examination of your head, jaw, and mouth. 3D cone beam images will be taken to allow our surgeons to study your unique anatomy and plan a surgical approach customized to your needs. Corrective jaw surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia by our team of oral surgical specialists in an accredited surgical facility. Generally, minor incisions will be created on the inside of your mouth to minimize and avoid the appearance of scars. Depending on your needs, surgical screws, plates, and wires may be used to help keep your jaw in its position. Bone grafts or other surgical techniques may also be incorporated to provide the targeted functional, aesthetic, and health outcomes for your procedure.


After your surgery, you need to have a family member or friend take you home. Our surgeons typically recommend that you take around 1 – 3 weeks to recover and rest before returning to school or work. Prior to your surgery, we will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, including pain medication recommendations, diet restrictions, and how to best clean your mouth during the recovery process. Follow-up appointments may also be scheduled following your surgery to allow our surgical team to evaluate your healing. Should you experience any signs of infection or other concerns, please contact us immediately. Your jaw will most likely need about three months to fully heal. After this timeframe, you may then move forward with orthodontic treatment, if required.

Insurance Coverage

Several insurance companies do recognize corrective jaw surgery as being medically necessary since it primarily serves to enhance oral function. Before your scheduled surgery, we will speak with your insurance company about your procedure and advise you on the kind of coverage you might receive. To help you cover any personal costs, Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons accepts several payments, including low-interest financing plans.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery not only addresses the cosmetic appearance of a recessed or protruding jaw or crooked chin, but it also restores proper biting function and may help improve breathing and speech. Our distinguished surgical team is highly skilled at executing jaw surgery and can partner with your orthodontist to provide the best possible care for your smile. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us at Capital District Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Albany, NY to learn more about improving your health and wellness through orthognathic surgery.

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